Agroforestry section and eco-tourism

The section comprises of the Agro-forestry demonstrations, nursery and Eco-tourism site

Objective of the section
• To produce seedling for commercial purposes and for replenishing the forest in the Institute.
• To disseminate promising AF technologies to technology uptake path ways.
• The eco-tourism sub-section is intended for training and recreation

Available Agro forestry technologies
1. Improved fruit trees; Apples (Winter Banana, Anna, Gloster, Dulmener,James Grieve)
2. Trees for scattered and boundary planting; Maesopsis emnii,Grevillea robusta,Terminalia species, Tectona grandis
3. Fodder banks; Calliandra calothyrsus
4. Improved fallows; Mucuna, Canavalia, Tephrosia and Crotalaria.
5. Woodlots; Pinus species, Araucaria cunninghmai, Eucalyptus species, Terminalia mantally, Terminalia superba

On-station activities
1. Agro-Forestry Nursery.
2. Demonstration plots (Improved fallows , Calliandra hedgerows, Tree-banana intercrop and Experiment on apples and pears
3. Woodlots (Eucalyptus grandis, Pinus caribea and Araucaria cunninghmaii)

Factors being evaluated on apples
Flowering and yield (Time of flowering, Time of fruiting, No. of fruits, Size and Disease and pest resistance, Resistance to drought, Smoothness of the fruit, Variations in maturity period and Taste, nutritional value, moisture and sweetness.

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Our Vision

Improved livelihood of the farming communities in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Mission

To Develop, Adapt and Effectively Disseminate Appropriate Agricultural Research Technologies in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, teamwork, adherence to work plan, security, and political will.


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