Annual Crops Section

Mukono ZARDI is mandated to carry out adaptive and technology dissemination of agricultural research products in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone. This means that on-station and on-farm technology evaluation is a key activity and technologies are sourced from different NARIs and private sector. New technologies are first evaluated on-station before dissemination to other institutions like District local governments, private sector, NGOs, schools and Operation Wealth Creation officers. This section handles evaluation of all annual crops.

Objectives of the section

1. Create awareness of NARO’s old and new technologies
2. Evaluate performance of new technologies both on-station and on-farm
3. Demonstrate recommended agronomic practices
4. Multiply and disseminate appropriate technologies to uptake pathways
5. To empower farmers, students and other clients with skills in crop production through training
6. Strengthen the linkage between researchers & end users of the technologies
7. Integrate the new technologies into the farming system

Crops under Annual Section

1. Cassava
2. Sweet potato
3. Beans
4. Maize
5. Rice.

Technology     Variety

Cassava     NASE 14, NAROCAS 1
Sweet potato      NASPOT 8, 11 and Dimbuka
Beans      NABE 4, 15, 16, 17 and19
Irrigation demonstration of sprinkler
Maize Longe 5 and 10
Rice NERICA 4 and NAMCHE 1-6

Seed multiplication

The section is focusing on seed multiplication of varieties i.e. NABE 4, 15, 16, 17 and19 of Beans, Cassava     NASE 14, NAROCAS 1 and Maize Longe 5 and 10. These are all preferred varieties that are sought by stakeholders in the Lake Victoria crescent zone.

Sweet potato multiplication

Sweet potato is one of the major food crops in the country however, its production is constrained by several factors like low yielding varieties, declining soil fertility and pests and disease. MUZARDI is currently multiplying the high yielding, preferred and most resistant disease varieties like NASPOT 8, 11 and Dimbuka.

Other Annual demonstrations

The Annual crops unit established one acre of pineapple on-station where the variety of Smooth cayenne was planted. Currently the demonstration comprises of on-going research on mulch and fertilizer evaluation. Here mulch of various kinds like polythene, coffee husks, rice husks and saw dust are being evaluated. The main objective of this research is to evaluate the performance of different mulch materials so as to advise farmers on what to use.

Major challenges of the section: Erratic weather conditions (especially drought), Irregular flow of funds and theft.

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Our Vision

Improved livelihood of the farming communities in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Mission

To Develop, Adapt and Effectively Disseminate Appropriate Agricultural Research Technologies in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, teamwork, adherence to work plan, security, and political will.


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