Customer Care

This section handles visitors who come to the Institute to use the conference and dormitory facilities. This section has spacious training rooms and class rooms for participates who want a clean, quiet and beautiful environment.

There are 5 dormitories and several guest rooms offering boarding facilities. DSTV services, internet and a well equipped and experienced catering unit that offers delicious meals.
Other additional facilities obtained on request are secretarial, photocopying, scanning, LCD projector and public address system.

Key activities
1. Provision of accommodation to participants
2. cleaning and maintaining dormitory and conference facilities with good hygiene conditions
3. Raising requests for purchasing cleaning tools/items for conference facilities i.e. disinfectants
4. Reporting areas that require renovation in the unit


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Our Vision

Improved livelihood of the farming communities in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Mission

To Develop, Adapt and Effectively Disseminate Appropriate Agricultural Research Technologies in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, teamwork, adherence to work plan, security, and political will.


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