Information and Communication Technology Section

This section comprises of the Public relations unit, Information Resource Centre and the Information Technology Units.

Objectives of the Public relations unit
Developing, organizing and disseminating research information and technology outputs to intended end users in the zone and beyond. The Institute has been able to share information through;

• The media/Newspaper articles and supplements in journals/magazines like the Agricultural and Industrial Review.
• Year planner articles and Newsletters
• Brochures and fliers
• Banners and posters
• Conference notebooks
• Radio programmes
• T-shirts, caps and annual calendars

The Institute Resource Centre comprises of stored information materials like scientific and non-scientific books, journals, magazines, leaflets and audio visual CDs. MUZARDI work and research technological innovations and reports are also stored in the IRC. The Centre is accessed by a number of stakeholders in the zone and beyond who include among others students in tertiary institutions (Universities), farmers and individuals.
MUZARDI can be accessed on the Regional Agricultural information Resource system (eRAILS).

Key activities
• Organizing the Institute information storage system
• Organising, coordinate, printing and disseminating publicity materials to stakeholders in the zone.
• Sourcing for updated Agricultural literature from other organisations/institutions.
• Stocking a collection of books, journals, leaflets and Audio Visual CDs
• Developing book chapters of Mukono ZARDI Annual reports
• Update MUZARDI project proposals on MIS database

The Information Technology Unit
The unit is responsible to offering MUZARDI ICT users technical support as far as computers and Information technology are concerned.

Other key activities
• Monitoring the performance of all Information Technology Peripherals and ensuring their effective use.
• Linking and collaborating with service providers to ensure provision of proper Information Technology and other services to the Institute.
• Installation of hard and software applications, maintenance of computers and management of the Local Area Network.
• Assist the PRO to develop, host and maintain/ update the Institute’s website.
• Developing and outsourcing for resource tools that are of relevance to the staff (scientists) in order to ease their work.
• Work with Research Scientists and technicians to ensure the proper use of computers.
• Participate in acquisition of computers and other peripherals at the Institute.
• Maintain system back up and data recovery at the Institute.


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Our Vision

Improved livelihood of the farming communities in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Mission

To Develop, Adapt and Effectively Disseminate Appropriate Agricultural Research Technologies in the Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-ecological Zone.

Our Values

Integrity, Transparency, teamwork, adherence to work plan, security, and political will.


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